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 MILMEGA - Designers and Manufacturers of High Power Microwave and RF Amplifiers
Specialists in broadband Class A amplifiers and solid state, high-power microwave amplifiers.

MILMEGA Advantage


The CSA Advantage

How an amplifier system is partitioned, is a design decision that can have profound consequences on the acquisition cost, as well as the cost of maintaining or upgrading, an amplifier during its service life. Getting the decision wrong at the concept stage can easily tip the balance in favour of one particular cost. System level partitioning decisions can therefore only be made after careful analysis of Customers reliability and maintainability requirements. MILMEGA regularly employs the Corporate Amplifier Structure [CSA] topology to deliver technical superiority coupled with class leading reliability and a simple upgrade path.

The Upgrade Advantage

Upgrading your amplifier is easier than upgrading your PC. We all know how fast technology can move. Before you know it your current amplifier is just not up to the job it was originally intended for. MILMEGA can offer an easy upgrade solution for both frequency and power. Our Corporate Structure Amplifier topology and unique modular design approach ensures that upgrading your amplifier is painless and cost effective.

The Power Profiling Advantage

More Power for half the size and weight. Our range of broadband Class A solid state amplifiers deliver the required power in a package which is half the size and weight of our competitors. Superior P1dB gives a better $/watt ratio and first class harmonic and spurious specifications are all powerful testimony to our ability as microwave amplifier designers.

The Warranty Advantage

You may never need it, but its good to know its there. It is our belief that our microwave amplifiers are the best you will buy, so if you are unfortunate enough to experience a problem within the first 5 years of ownership we will collect the amplifier at our expense and guarantee to apply our reasonable endeavours to have it repaired and available for return within 48 hours (6 working days) of its arrival at our factory. All costs associated with the activity will be borne by MILMEGA Ltd.

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