Designers and Manufacturers of High Power Microwave and RF Amplifiers
 MILMEGA - Designers and Manufacturers of High Power Microwave and RF Amplifiers
Specialists in solid state, high-power microwave amplifiers and broadband Class A amplifiers.

Design & Build

MILMEGA offers a comprehensive product line of standard microwave amplifiers, renowned for their quality and flexibility. Recognising that every customer is different, our highly skilled team of design and production engineers are ready to design and manufacture custom equipment which can operate reliably in diverse and demanding environments. At MILMEGA we have a wealth of experience in developing customer solutions and we remain committed to exploiting the potential of emerging power devices, making the most of today's technology.

Engineering and Design
We deliver technical innovation with outstanding manufacturing quality. Our team of design engineers are considered to be the best in their field. An inherent capability and experience ensures that our customers enjoy the benefits of the latest technology as it becomes available.

To manufacture, assemble and test our amplifiers, we have a highly skilled team of people who are focused on delivering only the best quality product to our customers.

Factory loading, capacity planning, and resource management are linked via our Material Requirement Planning system (MRP) to ensure timely delivery. Efficiencies are continually monitored to seek improvements both to products and services keeping MILMEGA 'Best in Class'.

Quality and Reliability
All MILMEGA products are sold with a proven pedigree for quality and reliability. Our amplifiers are the best you can buy, not just in terms of product, but in terms of after sales care and service.

Whether its a standard, or a specially designed product you require, the experienced MILMEGA sales team is available to give you detailed product information, technical data and competitive pricing. A demonstration of our amplifiers can be arranged at your facility.

You may also like to evaluate one of our amplifiers before purchasing - this can also be arranged.

Continuous Improvement
There are a number of key interfaces and processes within MILMEGA which are continually monitored under a Continuous Improvement philosophy and reviewed periodically for opportunities to improve our designs. Each day we meet challenges and tasks with a Continuous Improvement approach, guaranteeing our customers high quality products in the EMC, Communications, Science and Defence markets.

Custom Design Microwave and RF Amplifiers
Although our amplifier product range represents the best of breed in the world today, we recognise that many requirements cannot be met through standard amplifier products. Where a specially-tailored solution is required, our design engineers will work with you to find the most appropriate way of meeting your criteria.

Our design engineers will ensure that our amplifier proposals always represent the most appropriate solution for your needs. When formulating proposals, we consider:

  • Function
  • Reliability
  • Quantity
  • Cost Effective Technologies
  • Time Scale
  • Component Availability

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