Designers and Manufacturers of High Power Microwave and RF Amplifiers
 MILMEGA - Designers and Manufacturers of High Power Microwave and RF Amplifiers
Milmega high power microwave amplifiers.

Amplifier Applications

MILMEGA solid state high-power amplifiers are being used in many diverse applications worldwide.
Our reputation for technical leadership, quality and reliability extends across many markets.

Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Testing
The EMC Industry is leading the improvement of product quality, product safety, and service quality and safety in various fields, and as a result, continues to make a major contribution to the welfare of society.

With constant technological development being the norm in all industries, EMC testing underpins legislative measures which ensures we can maximise the effectiveness of these developments. New demanding, test requirements drive the development of high performance equipment.

MILMEGA prides itself in being part of this initiative by supplying microwave amplifiers that meet the increasing demands throughout the globe.

Defence Components
MILMEGA are dedicated to delivering microwave products to our customers across a number of Defence sectors, continuing to play our part in the development of power components for surveillance systems.
We are proud to supply our customers with innovative solutions helping to protect those who protect us.

You may never need it, but its good to know its there. It is our belief that our microwave amplifiers are the best you will buy, so if you are unfortunate enough to experience a problem within the first 5 years of ownership we will collect the amplifier at our expense and guarantee to apply our reasonable endeavours to have it repaired and available for return within 48 hours (6 working days) of its arrival at our factory. All costs associated with the activity will be borne by MILMEGA Ltd.

Communications Testing
MILMEGA amplifiers are popular amongst communications companies where the benefits of their high reliability, industry leading power density, and class leading performance are widely accepted. MILMEGA amplifiers are put to many uses in this sector and typical tests requiring:

  • Passive Intermodulation Testing, PIM
  • Intermodulation Testing, IM
  • Adjacent Channel Power Testing
  • Multi-tone testing
  • Power handling
  • EM Immunity Testing
  • High Signal Level Testing

Medical Diagnostics
In today's fast moving healthcare market, earlier and improved diagnosis of medical conditions needs to be complemented by faster and less invasive surgical procedures.

Substantial progress is being made in the use of microwave energy based, minimally invasive, life-enhancing solutions every day and, with each advance, it is placing rigorous demands on the equipment deployed. This safe and effective alternative to major surgery is being investigated across the globe and MILMEGA is part of this exciting development.

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