Designers and Manufacturers of High Power Microwave and RF Amplifiers
 MILMEGA - Designers and Manufacturers of High Power Microwave and RF Amplifiers
Specialists in solid state, high-power microwave amplifiers and broadband Class A amplifiers


Since 1987 MILMEGA Ltd. has been designing, developing and manufacturing solid state high-power broadband amplifiers for commercial and government purposes. Our broadband amplifier products serve the EMC, Communications, Science and Defence markets and range in frequency from 80MHz to 6GHz, with power levels from 10 Watts to above 1 kiloWatt.

Winners of the Bond Pearce Innovation Award, the MILMEGA 200MHz - 1GHz series of RF broadband amplifiers have an innovative modular design that utilises the latest Silicon Carbide technology.

In April 2012, MILMEGA won the coveted Queen's Award for continuous Innovation and development with the introduction of the 2-6GHz and 80MHz to 1GHz ranges.

MILMEGA offers a comprehensive product line of  microwave and RF amplifiers. renowned for their quality and flexibility. Realising that every customer is different, our highly skilled team of designers and production engineers are ready to design and manufacture custom equipment which can operate reliably in diverse and demanding environments.

Based on the Isle of Wight, off the south coast of England, MILMEGA prides itself on having built a reputation for a flexible and dynamic approach to meeting customer requirements.

At MILMEGA we have a wealth of experience in developing customer solutions and we remain committed to exploiting the potential of emerging power devices, making the most of today's technology.

It is the MILMEGA tradition to go the extra mile to take the complexity out of amplifier ownership. We have a proven pedigree for quality and reliability. We combine this with first class technical specifications and a responsiveness that you would expect from a high calibre organisation.

Our Promise
We believe that MILMEGA amplifiers are the best you can invest in. Our promise to our customers is simple... We deliver the type of service you deserve, when you want it.

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